Dental Care

While your pet may receive regular veterinary care, you may not realize the impact of dental care on your pet's health and wellbeing. Dental care is just as important for your pet as other types of health and preventative care. Glastonbury Animal Hospital offers dental care and other types of pet wellness treatment. Here's what you should know about your pet care options.


Preventative Care

One of the biggest reasons to pursue dental care for your pet is to prevent bigger issues from developing. Our veterinarian can indicate if your pet is at risk for pet dental issues like dental decay and abscesses. Our vet will ensure that your pet gets treatment today to prevent a serious infection later.

If your pet is at risk for dental decay, our vet may recommend a cleaning. Your pet will be placed under anesthesia during the cleaning, which means that he or she will be asleep and unable to feel anything. This is done for the safety of your pet and the veterinarian. The vet will clean each tooth to remove signs of decay and check the teeth for signs that additional treatment may be needed.

Dental Surgery

Dental surgery can be used to remove infected teeth. Your pet may be living with pain you are not aware of because cats and dogs are so good at hiding pain to appear strong.  Our vet will offer treatment in the form of dental surgery. Surgery can remove infected teeth and ensure that the infection does not spread. When your pet recovers, he or she will be treated for a potential infection. Your pet will be able to eat and drink more safely after surgery.

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