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You take care of your teeth and visit the dentist to prevent cavities, gum disease and discomfort -- and pet dental care can do the same thing for your dog or cat that human dental care does for you. From dental surgery to preventative medicine, our Glastonbury animal hospital team can help you give your pet the best oral health possible. 


Why Does a Pet Need Dental Care?

Your dog or cat can't tell you that their teeth are hurting -- but if left untreated, painful tooth injuries can lead to poor eating habits, digestive troubles, and weight loss. Any pet can benefit from good dental care, but it is particularly important for older pets or those with other health problems. 

How We Help with Pet Dental Care

Our entire veterinarian team is devoted to your pet's continued good health and proper attention to teeth and gums is an essential component of good health. At each pet exam, we'll do a full visual check of your pet's mouth. In some cases, we spot the early signs of trouble or find tooth problems that could be impacting your dog's eating habits or health. 

If we spot a problem, we can create a pet dental care plan that protects his teeth and ensures that further damage is prevented. We also help you learn to care for your dog or cat's mouth. In some cases, we would recommend regular brushing, specific toys or chews or other options designed to soothe or protect your pet's teeth. 

How to Tell Your Pet is Having a Tooth Problem? 

Your pet can't tell you they are having an issue, but changes in behavior could indicate they are in discomfort. A normally robust eater who is suddenly less interested in food or seems to be having trouble eating should be seen in the office. Even if a tooth problem is not to blame, difficulty eating or chewing can impact his overall health. 

A cat that is chewing on just one side of his mouth or drooling could also be experiencing a tooth-related injury or pain. You may be able to see something wrong by looking, but some causes of dental pain are not readily apparent. 

Get Help with Pet Dental Care

Good dental care is just one component of overall health and wellness; when you take great care of your pet's teeth, you're ensuring he fully enjoys life and is as happy and healthy as possible. If you're concerned about your pet's dental health or you have any health concerns, contact our Glastonbury office right away; we'll be able to help you determine what is going on and what your next steps should be.

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