Fully Stocked Pharmacy

Does Your Vet Offer a Fully Stocked Pharmacy?

Our pets have individual needs just like we do. In some cases, our pets need medication to keep them healthy. For those who have pets that need routine medication, Glastonbury Animal Hospital is a wonderful option that has a fully stocked pharmacy for your convenience.

Why is a Fully Stocked Pharmacy Important?

When your pets fall ill or even when they need their routine heartworm and flea medication, a fully stocked pharmacy at your veterinarian can make a big difference. In some instances, your pets need medication to keep them healthy and happy and to make sure that they are going to live a long life. Your veterinarian can offer prescriptions for your pets for nearly any illness, condition, or need that they may have.

Many vets keep only the essential medication on site in order to fill orders that are common, like flea medication, heart worm medication, and even some pain medication. Glastonbury Animal Hospital has a fully stocked pharmacy on site so that your pets do not have to wait for their medication. When pets are prescribed a special medication, every minute until they start their regimen is important and making sure they get their medicine quickly can help get them get onto the road to recovery.

What Qualifies as a Fully Stocked Pharmacy?

For those that are wondering what qualifies as a fully stocked pharmacy, it’s as simple as it sounds. A fully stocked pharmacy may have special pain killers, medicine for diseases and disorders that are not all that common, and even medication that is expensive and can be difficult to find. Finding a vet with a great pharmacy on site can mean the difference between having to wait for something to be ordered and being able to start your pets on their medication immediately.

A fully stocked pharmacy may refer to the medication that you take home for your pet as well as the medication that your veterinarians and their team need to carry out certain procedures for your pets. Pets are members of your family and making sure that your vet has the medications that your pets need on hand is a must.

For those looking for a vet with a fully stocked pharmacy, Glastonbury Animal Hospital is a wonderful option.


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