At Glastonbury Animal Hospital in Glastonbury, CT, our veterinarian can answer all your pet diagnostics, pet ultrasound, and pet health care questions. We have been providing pet owners with high-quality veterinary services for many years and treat each pet as if it were our own. Sometimes, your pet needs extra attention and care. Ultrasound technology is one diagnostic tool we use to determine your pet’s internal condition and the steps to provide proper treatment. Therefore, it is essential to understand ultrasound procedures.


Pet Ultrasound Technology Administered by a Qualified Veterinarian

A simple explanation of how diagnostic ultrasound works is that it collects images by sending sound waves inside your pet with a handheld probe pressed against the skin. The ultrasound machine then forms detailed images of tissues, organs, bones, and other things from the sound echoes sent back to it. There are two types of ultrasound procedures:

  • An emergency ultrasound usually only targets one internal body part to evaluate an immediate urgent problem.
  • An echocardiogram is normally more extensive and comprehensive to gain a better overall picture of your pet’s health.

Now that you grasp how ultrasound technology works, you should recognize why it is so important.

Purposes for Pet Diagnostics and Pet Ultrasound

Pet ultrasound is an excellent diagnostic tool. It is essential to maintain good pet health when internal illness or injury occurs. Some purposes for ultrasound include:

  • Finding out if your pet swallowed something harmful
  • Detecting broken bones or soft tissue damage
  • Determining if your pet is pregnant
  • Identifying and locating tumors
  • Detecting heart conditions or other organ problems
  • Locating an internal hemorrhage
  • Determining if surgery is necessary
  • Examining thyroid glands, ligaments, tendons, and eyes

Benefits of Pet Ultrasound

The benefits of pet ultrasound are numerous and valuable. Pet ultrasounds give our veterinarian the ability to evaluate your pet’s health in close detail, allowing you to relax with the knowledge your pet is healthy. Following a pet ultrasound, our veterinarian will determine the combination of veterinary services that will benefit your pet the most.

Contact Our Pet Health Professionals in Glastonbury Today

There is nothing quite as reassuring as knowing that your pet’s health is in good hands. An ultrasound procedure can give you that peace of mind. Call Glastonbury Animal Hospital today at (860) 633-5394 for more information on the applications of pet ultrasound or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian. 


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