Internal Medicine

Glastonbury Animal Hospital Offers Internal Medicine for Pets

Pets may develop health issues that require investigation and analysis to diagnose. In these cases, an internal medicine vet can put the pieces together to create a full picture of the problem and determine the best way to treat it. At Glastonbury Animal Hospital in Glastonbury, CT, we provide internal medicine care for our patients.

What Is Internal Medicine?

Internal medicine is an area of healthcare that involves getting to the heart of problems and finding the right solution to fix them. Internal medicine specialists undergo additional training that helps them to understand test results in greater detail. Using this training, they can put together a picture of vague and puzzling symptoms that indicate an underlying health problem. They often perform diagnostic tests that provide precise information about a condition.

Helping Pets with Complex Veterinary Issues

Animals can’t tell the vet what's wrong or where it hurts. That’s where your veterinarian’s training and experience come in to find the source of the problem. Additional training in internal medicine allows vets to carefully analyze veterinary test data to find the revealing clues that indicate disease. In addition, they understand that some illnesses can affect multiple organs of the body. Paying attention to the small changes in body chemistry and organ function can make a significant difference in the management of many common diseases in pets.

Veterinary Conditions Managed with Internal Medicine

Careful analysis of test data can be critical in the treatment of a variety of pet health problems. Diabetes in pets can affect multiple organs of the body as well as the function of the kidneys, heart, eyes, and skin. Thyroid conditions can have a variety of effects on an animal’s body. Inflammatory bowel conditions, infectious diseases, and kidney disorders can all benefit from the improved management offered by internal medicine techniques. Respiratory conditions, such as asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia can also benefit. The close analysis of test results can also help in the management of all of the above conditions, diseases, and disorders.

Choose Glastonbury Animal Hospital for Your Pet’s Internal Medicine Care

Our veterinarians and team at Glastonbury Animal Hospital regard individualized care as the highest priority for our patients in Glastonbury, CT, and the nearby communities. We provide a range of veterinary services, including vaccinations, surgery, dental care, pain management, and pharmacy services. Call Glastonbury Animal Hospital today at 860-633-8394 for an appointment to learn about the services we offer to help your pet stay healthy and active.


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